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Posted on July 21, 2020 at 1:37 PM
Hello to everyone that stops by and leaves me a post. I really appreciate every comment, good or bad. My life has changed dramatically over the past two years. I am still getting the hang of parenting for the second time in my life. I will be sharing an incredible story about this experience to my blog soon. 

We are adjusting to working and daycare from home now. My toddler is a very energetic, enthusiastic person. She brings such joy and excitement to us. I'm sure everyone can relate to having a new inquiring mind around. I'm actually very thankful to have this time at home with my toddler. During these pandemic times, I find less stress and worry having my child near me. I feel very strongly about closing schools during these times and having children do online studies until a vaccine has been created for them to return to normal activities at the schools. 

It is a true blessing that some states are leaving it up to the parents. If you want your child in the classroom that is available but if you do not they can continue online courses.This really does not make sense to me because children cannot go to school without a vaccination yearly but they will be allowed back without a vaccine to the covid 19. Who knows what type of germs can be spread to loved ones after the children enter the schools. This would mean that kids would not be able to visit any of their family members until they are tested and retested weekly for covid 19. I for one will not put my kids or their teachers in this type of jeopardy. Parent s everywhere should be furious at this decision. My child is a toddler and I am having strong feelings about sending kids out just to have them come back sick or worse. With the hospitals full of covid cases and the fact that if a child gets the virus, parents will have to leave them alone in a hospital by themselves is the scariest thing imaginable for a child and parents. I pray that a vaccine is found before children will have to go out and be the worlds test subjects. During these times with so many racist people stepping out to support racist behavior, using children that are brown might be the newest form of testing vaccines without parental consent. 

Stay safe and watch out for false statements, promises and demands on the lives of your loved ones. 

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