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Telling the story how I see it

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Praying for the best outcome

Posted on June 26, 2016 at 7:03 PM
My dreams of becoming an author have taken me down some unfamiliar roads. Each road more challenging than the first, more intriguing than the last and the excitement I feel for my future couldn't be clearer.

I begin this blog as a way to boost my writing career. I finished a childrens book and wanted to publish it. The negativity and greed that arose out of the need for a company to publish my work was overwhelming. My journey to get published continued. I decided to write articles for magazines and publish my work in small amounts to gain the necessary tools to continue on this journey. I joined a blog for writers that led no where except to childish arguments and little information on writing or beginning a successful blog. There were some helpful voices that I greatly appreciated and hope they are all doing well. I continued  to write and send in work to different publishers looking for specific articles to include in their publications. I haven't been published yet so the journey to gain the necessary capital to publish my book continues.

On this journey to publish my book, the process of designing head wraps for people that are loosing hair for different reasons. People that like to have their hair done with singalese twist or braids. Very handy for women on the go that need coordinating gear for the hair until a destination is reached; or women with a lot of hair. Fashion Statement Christmas Trees, mode design trees are something I can devote hours to. These gems hold two of my favorite things in the highest regard. Christmas and girl shiek cuteness. Before I submitted my application for a patent on my designs I had three different styles in mind to create for the 2016
Christmas year. Patent Pending. I'm enjoying myself so much I have been searching for more patenable ideas to submit. My creativity is overflowing over here. As of March 2016 I officially have a sales and use tax identification number. I wouldn't want to sale anything until I had that glorious number. The entire process for becoming a small business entity has been one of the most exciting things to date in my life. Besides the children and the grandchildren this beats my best day everyday. I have learned so much through this process and can't wait to welcome each new and exciting challenge that comes with becoming the woman God intended me to be.
If you are reading the things that I post and are waiting for my designs to be complete please let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome.

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1:18 PM on May 13, 2018 
Praying for the best outcome and making the chances for better objectives becoming the right way and effective tips. The application and increasing the more designs for becoming more designs feedback is welcome.
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You can't predict such things. It's awesome if you have the best outcome in the end.
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Writing blogs can be the first step towards developing a good writing skill. This can be a field for practicing. I can see your passion in writing and I hope you can have the best version of yourself. Just continue creating and writing blogs because you are already there and you have a potential. May this comment inspire you because I am also looking forward to your success. May God bless you in your career and more power in your chosen field.
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2:47 PM on April 23, 2019 
homework help says...
Praying for the best outcome and making the chances for better objectives becoming the right way and effective tips. The application and increasing the more designs for becoming more designs feedback is welcome.

I really idolize those who have a good writing skills. They were able express themselves and elaborate what they have in minds. That is a great talent and not every individual has that kind of gift so keep utilizing it and keep it as your asset. Keep writing because you can be an influence to other people and it can inspire your readers. I hope my kids would appreciate great writers and will have such a passion with writing too.
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1:50 AM on May 16, 2019 
By simply reading at your blog, I know you are a great and a wonderful writer. I can see how you use words accordingly and I can feel it. You are a good writer. Don’t look down on yourself and don’t think negatively. Because negativity might come to you. I know you can do it. Just keep on writing and never lose hope. Continue achieving your dream and when the right time comes, you will achieve it. We all have our time, maybe this is not the time for you, but I know that time will come to you. Good luck and God bless you!
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I hope that your prayers will help you. I wish you all the best, friend.
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I feel that if there were better books that we made kids in school read then we would see a lot more reading engagement in the US.

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