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It's ok if they don't like you like you like them

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 12:35 AM
What is the deal with women/men that don’t realize he/she isn’t that in to you.
Single women, married women, single men, married men, gay or lesbian, young or old stop torturing yourself with the thought that being unhappy is normal. If your feeling anxious and asking a lot of questions to your friends about your relationship there may be a problem.
Single Women
     If your in your very first relationship and your over the age of 25 you may need additional help but not the kind of help that requires you to ask each step of the new relationship. If your asking your friends opinions on how much of yourself to give to a person then maybe you should take more time out for yourself and find out what it is your are looking for. If you want a relationship let the other person know that is where you are and see if that is the person for you Leaving to many things unspoken will lead to a very bad relationship. You can’t be in a relationship if you don’t communicate what you want and ask the other person what it is they want as well.
Married Women
     If your husband isn’t spending time with your any more he is forgetting your birthday, your anniversary, and is away on business for all the important holidays you may need to seriously think about why it is that you are married to that particular person. Married men and married women get married to build a life together, this does not include all his buddies from college every weekend, or all your girlfriends everyday on the phone or out eating. If your marriage consists of more than just two people besides your children if you have any you may want to sit down and think about what it is your trying to build together. If your still acting single after you have said I do then there is a big problem with you.
     If you are a gay man and you want to date a man that is not sure if he is gay or not then you might just want to consider offering that person your friendship. This will not be a good fit for you. You will get hurt and end up loosing someone that could potentially become a great friend and wing man when you finally meet the person you are suppose to be dating. If it doesn’t feel right then have the courage and the strength to walk away without doubting if this could have been the one. If that person was the one you both would have known it.
     If you are trying to find love in a another woman, find one that is at least a step above any thing that you are doing at this moment. It doesn’t matter how rich you are how great of a job you have right now, make sure if you are looking for love in a woman that she is someone that you know you can learn something from. Women are the most intriguing creatures on this earth. You should always want to be in the company of a woman that can inspire you to be better than what you are. This will only happen if you stop trying to find the woman that you think needs saving. Everybody knows a woman only needs a savior for a short time and then she gets bored and saves herself, gets an attitude, throws your life in your face, drives off in a better car, lives in a better house and wonders why she ever spoke to you while she is moving on and forgetting you ever existed. Please choose up the fall want hurt as bad nothing compares to a woman.
Try not to force yourself into any situation, if it takes you to much time and effort to get that special person’s attention it may not be worth getting. People that are single and looking will give off some signs if given the opportunity. If you have a crush on someone and that person has not reciprocated the same feelings to you this could mean that this person is just not that in to you. It happens crush on his hot friend never hurts to expand your horizon’s never know what could happen. If there is a physical attraction there will be an opportunity for you and this person to share a moment don’t miss your moment especially if you have been dreaming of this person and wondering would it would be like to find out more about them. Sometimes you could just have a crush on someone that is just not compatible for you and your paths just should not cross so you should just leave it up to fate, kismet, serendipity, cupid, or one of your friends shoving you into them in the elevator.

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