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pretty brown eyes is back

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 1:18 AM Comments comments (2)
I will be transforming my wwebsite soon. It will include my recent business ventures and excerpts from my children's educational book. I have finished the book and I am looking for publishers. I have also written several articles that I hope will be published in the near future. My life is changing. My family is growing since my last post I have become a grandmother to the sweetest little boy he takes my breath away. I've written a book in honor of my grandchildren. 

I unfriend you

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (4)
If faced with a decision to continue a relationship with a friend's spouse boyfriend or someone not married to your friend or best friend what would you do?

My friend who will remain nameless in this story and so will the man that I will be referring to. A 38 year old single mother of one. Daughter 18 freshman college. I've known her for 14 years. I met her at my first job at the State of Texas. I've watched her take care of her daughter, send her some of the best schools in Austin, Texas. Also, watch her daughter excel academically and become excepted into summer programs that included trips to NASA in Houston, Texas. She held her position and later transferred within the State to a better position that would allow her daughter access to higher learning facilities and a greater income.

As a mother and successful business women she also travels to be closer to her mother, younger sibling, niece, aunts and uncles who are entrepreneurs hours away from Austin, Texas. This family is filled with love and support.

She is also in a relationship with a man that she loves and cares for. He is not a bad guy, he has been there through good times and some bad times. He has shared in some household responsibilities. Not like hers. She pays rent, he pays water. She works non stop, he has gaps in employment. He does have a degree but has reservations about the field. I've listened to the stories and I know he has done things outside the relationship that hurt her' I know he is not and he will never be man enough for my friend.  She has always made everything happen without his help.

I am unfriending this man for asking my friend to add him to her bank account and  after 16 years he couldn't add her to his last name. If your her friend and you are reading this the unfriending should be done simultaneously MIND SLAP

Bree Brouwer

Posted on February 28, 2015 at 7:58 PM Comments comments (16)
bree brouwer

I'm learning how to become a better writer. I want to get as much feedback as possible on how to make my words jump off the page. A reader should become so engrossed with my words, my tone,  and feel my meaning from my context. I will not reach everyone with my words. This is the way I see it, when I ask for help in becoming a more searchable site. I expect to get help from a professional. A person that has worked in this industry for years and has offered to help a new writer find their way. I'm expecting someone that will give me advice on website setup, blog article ideas, maybe some content editing. What I did not expect was for someone to read my work and critique it's content as if I'm back in high school and my preschool teacher is marking incorrect answers with her red pen. We have had two entirely different lives. We are living different lives. Although you may have better taste in shoes than your choice of television shows. I would not want to walk a day in them. You cannot walk a day in mine either. The point of this post to you, there are no two people alike. There will not be someone that shares all of your ideas, there will be rejection, there will be conflict but you will not take away the joy I feel when I write. I am still learning I may want to be a copywriter because I love writing, I may want to be a grant writer because of my experiences with services to children and families. I do know the business to reach out to. If I do decide to become an information publisher we will have something in common. At this point I'm heading in a different direction than you.
Pretty brown eyes comes from a life time of meeting people that tell me that my eyes are beautiful and unique. They are big, bold, brown, and beautiful. Why not beautiful brown eyes, because I said so this isn't the prospering geek this is the classy and chic. Mind slap is what I just did to you because you needed an elaboration. This site is the way I see it. The content will change daily. Your going to want to come back. I'll be looking over your work to see if anything changes. Thank you again for taking the time to visit my website. I hope I chose the right words to slap your mind. (I've been writing a month)

blockquote><strong>Bree Brouwer said </strong>
Thanks for getting back to me, Maria!
I'd say you need a more cohesive blog experience. Your URL says "prettybrowneyes" but then your blog's title is "Mind Slap" and your tagline has nothing to do with either of those previous phrases, either. Your content is also very, very scattered. There's no separate section for your children's writing as opposed to your social services ideas, etc. You don't even have blog posts; you just have separate pages with random topics on each. If I were you, I'd sign up for a Wordpress account and start learning how to use it to better separate writing that should be blog posts vs. page copy.
I realize you want this to be a personal site, but at this point there's nothing to indicate why someone would want to read your work or follow it.</blockquote><br />

The idea to write

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (4)
The idea that I could write
This was a clear thought that I had about ten years ago. I wanted to write children’s books. My job at the time was working with children protective services and often would need to transport children under the age of ten into the children’s advocacy center to be videotaped telling their stories of abuse. At times I would hear the children in the other room with the officers crying or the officers would report that the children were nonresponsive to the questions about the abuse they had faced before leaving the home and being placed into a shelter or foster home. The job was very emotionally stressful but the willingness to make sure that the children would stay comfortable during such a session was my main focus. Conversations before arrival to the advocacy center would consist of speaking to the children about some of the most happy and memorable things from childhood. Mostly my childhood which they couldn’t believe that I was a child and would laugh at my stories as if they had comic books. I wanted to make each child comfortable in a very difficult situation each of them had experienced so much at this point. I wanted to make them forget the bad memories and begin making new happy memories.
Why writing wasn’t pursued ten years ago? The job at the state of texas became more and more demanding for a single mother with two teenage sons. I worked ten to twelve hours a day. I traveled from city to city picking up children to bring them into the office for court ordered weekly visitation with their biological parents that were charged with abuse and or neglect. Once I meet the children they have already been removed from their bio homes and are placed into shelters in the same city or up to 75 miles away from their homes. My job was to bring the children in for visitation and record all events from the time the child was in my care until I returned the children back to the shelter or a foster care home. I would write about the childs mood upon pick up some of them were removed from school to attend the visits, some of them were in alternative care such as homes that only have either boys or girls. They are usually ranches located in small towns outside of the city. Children that are called runners usually are placed here for their own safety and protection. With my children and the extra hours at work my writing children’s books got placed on the back burner. I did submit a sample to a publishing house as a part of writing contest. They liked it and wanted me to submit more but time was not on my side. My next steps I wanted to share some interesting stories from my time at children and protective services to see if some of my experiences would benefit families that have faced some similarities. Sometimes if you know someone has an encouraging word about a difficult time then those words can make all the difference in how you proceed with your own situation. I want to inspire people to help themselves and never give up trying to find what works for you. If you scared of what my be next I want to show you that there is a way to approach the things that you may have difficulty dealing with. My stories for children would show how to explain abusive situations by presenting through visual and learning techniques. I want to write and illustrate the different people in a child’s life that could potentially be a predator but parents don’t see this person as a predator only the victim of abuse can understand how someone as friendly as the basketball coach, or the babysitter can be a predator to your child. Some adults are victims of abuse as well but have spent years hiding it or covering up for the predator because they fell that is the only way they know how to deal with the abuse. This happens when there has been abuse for generations, abuse from one generation to the next was something I witnessed working with Children and protective services for over a decade I witnessed grandmother’s, mother’s, daughters and children that had been through the foster care system. The same patterns that were around over thirty years ago still plague some families. The cycle continues because there hasn’t been anyone there that could get through to the members in the cycle. Most family feel that outside help like children and protective services are there to make your life worse, the services are provided to help the families with additional resources to take better care of his or her family. The people that take the advice and follow the family plans provided to them will not reenter the system. The families survive and the children learn how to more independent in their own lives. How to become a freelance blogger? When I started looking into getting paid to write my stories, I came across a lot of interesting material the one that really caught my eye with her honesty and the way she gave it to me straight was Carol Tice. I asked her a question she answered and I am intrigued by all she has to offer. The webinar’s with Linda Formecelli were so informative. How to get started from Sophie Lizard is my next step. I’m anxiously awaiting her 28 day class on how to become a freelance blogger. This information will be the most helpful in developing the stories that I want to tell and capturing the audience that I want to read the stories. The market for writing stories about how to help victims of abuse is endless if your writing something that helps the person that needs it. Writing about abuse isn’t someone’s first choice of books to read if they have never experienced abuse or known any one that has been through one of the many forms of abuse. I want to help those that have experienced abuse and if you know or love someone that has experienced abuse you may want to read some of my articles they may help. A few topics I would like to talk about with references for those experiencing any of these circumstances: How do you get your child to talk to a cop or therapist about abuse? How does a woman of abuse allow anyone else to get close to her? How do men cope with abuse? Are there warning signs that someone you care about is being abused? What if your new husband is abusing your children? How to talk to your children about adults taking advantage them?

It's ok if they don't like you like you like them

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (4)
What is the deal with women/men that don’t realize he/she isn’t that in to you.
Single women, married women, single men, married men, gay or lesbian, young or old stop torturing yourself with the thought that being unhappy is normal. If your feeling anxious and asking a lot of questions to your friends about your relationship there may be a problem.
Single Women
     If your in your very first relationship and your over the age of 25 you may need additional help but not the kind of help that requires you to ask each step of the new relationship. If your asking your friends opinions on how much of yourself to give to a person then maybe you should take more time out for yourself and find out what it is your are looking for. If you want a relationship let the other person know that is where you are and see if that is the person for you Leaving to many things unspoken will lead to a very bad relationship. You can’t be in a relationship if you don’t communicate what you want and ask the other person what it is they want as well.
Married Women
     If your husband isn’t spending time with your any more he is forgetting your birthday, your anniversary, and is away on business for all the important holidays you may need to seriously think about why it is that you are married to that particular person. Married men and married women get married to build a life together, this does not include all his buddies from college every weekend, or all your girlfriends everyday on the phone or out eating. If your marriage consists of more than just two people besides your children if you have any you may want to sit down and think about what it is your trying to build together. If your still acting single after you have said I do then there is a big problem with you.
     If you are a gay man and you want to date a man that is not sure if he is gay or not then you might just want to consider offering that person your friendship. This will not be a good fit for you. You will get hurt and end up loosing someone that could potentially become a great friend and wing man when you finally meet the person you are suppose to be dating. If it doesn’t feel right then have the courage and the strength to walk away without doubting if this could have been the one. If that person was the one you both would have known it.
     If you are trying to find love in a another woman, find one that is at least a step above any thing that you are doing at this moment. It doesn’t matter how rich you are how great of a job you have right now, make sure if you are looking for love in a woman that she is someone that you know you can learn something from. Women are the most intriguing creatures on this earth. You should always want to be in the company of a woman that can inspire you to be better than what you are. This will only happen if you stop trying to find the woman that you think needs saving. Everybody knows a woman only needs a savior for a short time and then she gets bored and saves herself, gets an attitude, throws your life in your face, drives off in a better car, lives in a better house and wonders why she ever spoke to you while she is moving on and forgetting you ever existed. Please choose up the fall want hurt as bad nothing compares to a woman.
Try not to force yourself into any situation, if it takes you to much time and effort to get that special person’s attention it may not be worth getting. People that are single and looking will give off some signs if given the opportunity. If you have a crush on someone and that person has not reciprocated the same feelings to you this could mean that this person is just not that in to you. It happens crush on his hot friend never hurts to expand your horizon’s never know what could happen. If there is a physical attraction there will be an opportunity for you and this person to share a moment don’t miss your moment especially if you have been dreaming of this person and wondering would it would be like to find out more about them. Sometimes you could just have a crush on someone that is just not compatible for you and your paths just should not cross so you should just leave it up to fate, kismet, serendipity, cupid, or one of your friends shoving you into them in the elevator.

Child Protective Services

Posted on January 12, 2015 at 8:09 PM Comments comments (12)

Designed to intervene when families are facing difficult times. Difficulty could be in the form of teen pregnancy, domestic violence, abuse and this list goes on.

What other uses would you think CPS could help you with or someone you know? There are community resources for women, men, children, elderly, and immigrants. If your facing legal battles within any state that pertain to children and families. You may have some interest in ways to help protect you and your family.

With over ten years of service to CPS my experiences have helped many families find available tools to aid them in their continued family growth.

I've worked with families that needed advice on community resources that they felt they were not eligible for. Other's that had the information but didn't know where or how to get the help they needed.

I've also worked with families that have three or more generations that have had their children removed from the home by law enforcement and were permanently placed into the foster care system.

I've also worked with families that have gotten their children returned to them upon completion of a court ordered family plan.

I've worked with doctors, lawyers, judges, psychiatrist, therapist, school counselors, principals, deans and this list goes on. Each scenario has a different set of professionals.

My encounters with clients, staff and professionals was greeted with professionalism and the ability to complete each task. Each task was followed by written notes detailing the aspects of the case. Followed by recommendation and resources if needed.


Posted on January 11, 2015 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1)
Welcome to my blog.

Here you will  find stories, chat topics, you can also ask for advice on topics such as: Where to find help if you happen to know someone involved in domestic violence or child abuse. How your child suffers later in life if you don't provide healthy eating habits.

Falling in love with yourself again. Avoiding being taken advantage of on your road to love and happiness.

What if the only enemies you encounter in life are those with the same blood line as you?

Is it easy to work in an atmosphere where no one likes you?

These are a few topics they will get better and will be designed for all audiences.

Let me know what you think.