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Posted on September 22, 2016 at 12:48 AM Comments comments (12)
It's September the 21, 2016
13 more weeks and 94 days until Christmas!!!!

I'm excited about Christmas every year. Except the year I lost my son and the following year was sad because as a mom loosing a child can weigh heavy on your heart no matter what day it is.

My children and I had family traditions for every occasion.
January in Texas snow the new year, my son's like days that don't involve a lot of classes. It's a little slow because Christmas has ended lots of great memories were made and now it's time to return from vacations and start planning for a new year.

February still cold outside we get ready for Valentines day by sitting down together drawing and making hearts. Pink and Red the colors of love. They cover shoe boxes with construction paper to take Valentines to their teachers and class mates. The school sold kisses with names on them for 50 cents that would be delivered to the kids throughout the day. They thought it was nice along with the Valentines from all their friends.

March we are seeing a lot more sun but it's still long sleeves and protective clothing. Most kids like sports and outdoor activities so they get ready for soccer, and pee wee football.

April it's warming up and our family prepares for Church and Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny we loved to color eggs for the Church. Each child brings a dozen hard boiled colored eggs so the adults can hide them while they are in Church saying Easter speeches in their new Easter Clothes. Easter Dinner homemade from scratch with all the family such a wonderful time to with family

May Mother's Day, time to think about momma house cleaned dinner cooked by the kids moms relaxing peaceful while the children are with the grand parents. Church with the family and as always those great home cooked meals. School is letting out for the Summer the kids are planning summer events with friends and family. Summer sports and activities to fill them with hands on learning experiences.

June getting ready for June 19th family reunion with generations of family. Travel for the family to spend time with the kids and the cousins. Father's Day home cooked meals and children off to grandmothers house for two weeks in the summer. Woo Hoo

July 4th all the family is together again with our children popping firecrackers and teaching the children summer activities, swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping. Country kids have a very large playground.

August back to school shopping and preparing the kids to get up early for school. School starts the car pool starts and life does get harder and easier all at the same time. Schedules are packed with extracurricular activities. Football Friday nights to watch the kids play and the cheerleaders my nieces are cheerleaders.

September NFL back on parents are spending more time managing schedules and enjoy spending 3 hours with adults to maintain social lives and laugh at some adult humor.

October Halloween costume planning how were going to decorate the house. Thinking of the scariest prank for my kids to get them this years. I have a really large spider that I dangle from the stairs to get their attention when they walk in to the house. I buy the trick or treat candy bag 1 in September it's gone the first week so we shop for more candy for trick or treat.

November is Thanksgiving we give thanks for the things we have and work for the things we think we should have.

December "Christmas" and New Years we love these holidays I try to save my days up so I can be off work until the New Year and spend as much time with my family as I can.

This year is different. I plan to make a new addition to the family. Mari
I'm still waiting for the final decision. My kids are going to love creating Mari with me.
I had the chance to introduce Mari to the world at an event planned to honor Veterans. My father died a US Military soldier. This year would have been the first Christmas to make him proud of me.
Because I haven't been issued my Patent yet I will miss the date to present Mari to the world. Even though she is ready to go. She will need to wait.

Veterans were black men too stop killing their families

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 12:16 AM Comments comments (5)
I am so saddened by the continuous loss of life in this country.
Laws are not being enforced which is probably making the rest of the world feel the US is vulnerable to all the extra attacks on US Soil. My theory of the constant media reports of the wars all over the world is to hide the fact that the war is right here in the US. Why on earth would you continue to take tax payer money to control wars that are not down the street from you. Our taxes are not going away any time soon. I feel the threat against Americans is other Americans at this point. Why else would politicians continue to poor trillions of money into fighting a war that has nothing to do with the people they want to fund it. Well at the rate they are killing American Veterans Children in the US the military will be the next to take a knee when the national anthem is playing. Killing innocent people is not what our soldiers go to war for. Our military is to protect our country and make sure that there is no threat to the American people for outside forces. The threat to American people is in America it's a sad day when people from other countries are using the way the racist police and the way the politicians are turning their back on the way police are treating innocent people. The people the police are killing are not even wanted or criminals. The news is making up stories to hide the murders relaying their truth to the world that is nieve enough to listen to the lies. Everything the US does others see as an important part of growth and future. We have racist being given a silver spoon for the killings in the US. Laws are being broken and the world is watching. While the media covers the senseless killings and mass murder of black innocent men women and children the US is becoming more and more less attractive for what value was created when the laws were made. Countries fashion laws on the way the US runs. Now you have the worst racism since slavery, NO one benefit from this type of behavior, law breaking white police that wear the badge and kill people they are letting the rest of the world know there is no control. My theory we are setting the US up for a take over by a much more unified law. The laws should be enforced for everyone that breaks them. The law states that even murder by a cop is punishable but the judges are allowing the murderer to walk away and even sending them on with pay. IF a cop sees this behavior they are just going to do the same thing because they believe they will receive a payment for killing innocent people. NO one wants to go to work everyday. but think about the police would you want to stay in the job or find a way out and get paid more than your pension to leave the job? We all know that everything is about money. Find the money and make it stop the killing will stop. For all those people that say black people are over reacting. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine your child being killed, imagine your husband not coming home, imagine living life  without the person you love. These are not accidents they are killing these people on purpose. If you know someone that makes an excuse for why the police are killing these people you are a part of the racist problem. May God have mercy on your souls.

Dallas, Texas

Posted on July 11, 2016 at 9:23 PM Comments comments (5)

Love your Enemies
Bless those who curse you
Do good to those who hate you
And pray for those who persecute you

Matthew 5:44

Do not be anxious about anything, abut in every situation
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present
your request to God

Phillippians 4:6

The light of God Surrounds me,
the love of God protects me,
the presence of God watches over me,
Where I am, God watches over me,
Wherever I am God is! Amen

Peace be with each and everyone grieving.


Posted on July 8, 2016 at 3:17 PM Comments comments (4)

I just submitted some information for corrections. I know I got it right this time.
Even if I didn't this experience is teaching me so much. I am so thankful to God for showing me that I am a talented woman and I should be following his will for me and stop listening to those who put me down, make me feel like I can't achieve success, and for those who are in my life for a reason I love you all. Those in my life for a season peace be with you all. YES! I am ignoring you on purpose.

LOL!!! Leave me to my blessing God got me

Peace and happiness

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 4:52 PM Comments comments (2)
My life is filled with simplicity

I strive to find the smartest way to complete a task
If it appears to involve some level of difficulty
Read directions, find the tools needed for completion.

Search for the answers before panic sets in
Never leave a task unfinished

Surround yourself with positivity
Laugh out loud
Love with all your heart
realize when it is time to move on

Praying for the best outcome

Posted on June 26, 2016 at 7:03 PM Comments comments (105)
My dreams of becoming an author have taken me down some unfamiliar roads. Each road more challenging than the first, more intriguing than the last and the excitement I feel for my future couldn't be clearer.

I begin this blog as a way to boost my writing career. I finished a childrens book and wanted to publish it. The negativity and greed that arose out of the need for a company to publish my work was overwhelming. My journey to get published continued. I decided to write articles for magazines and publish my work in small amounts to gain the necessary tools to continue on this journey. I joined a blog for writers that led no where except to childish arguments and little information on writing or beginning a successful blog. There were some helpful voices that I greatly appreciated and hope they are all doing well. I continued  to write and send in work to different publishers looking for specific articles to include in their publications. I haven't been published yet so the journey to gain the necessary capital to publish my book continues.

On this journey to publish my book, the process of designing head wraps for people that are loosing hair for different reasons. People that like to have their hair done with singalese twist or braids. Very handy for women on the go that need coordinating gear for the hair until a destination is reached; or women with a lot of hair. Fashion Statement Christmas Trees, mode design trees are something I can devote hours to. These gems hold two of my favorite things in the highest regard. Christmas and girl shiek cuteness. Before I submitted my application for a patent on my designs I had three different styles in mind to create for the 2016
Christmas year. Patent Pending. I'm enjoying myself so much I have been searching for more patenable ideas to submit. My creativity is overflowing over here. As of March 2016 I officially have a sales and use tax identification number. I wouldn't want to sale anything until I had that glorious number. The entire process for becoming a small business entity has been one of the most exciting things to date in my life. Besides the children and the grandchildren this beats my best day everyday. I have learned so much through this process and can't wait to welcome each new and exciting challenge that comes with becoming the woman God intended me to be.
If you are reading the things that I post and are waiting for my designs to be complete please let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome.

Wide Wraps

Posted on February 27, 2016 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (4)
I have finally finished my wide wraps

I will be working on different patterns and sizes
I have been working on getting the labels placed in the right way. Right now they are on the end of the wrap. I will probably move it around on my next batch. I have production days set aside for creating my wraps. I know I am not perfect yet. But every great craft has to have some ups and downs. Yes and no and I will still continue to strive to be better at each time.

I believe in myself and I also feel like I have created a head wrap that is stylish and can be worn with almost everything in your closet.
Women I love my wraps because of the simple fact that I am getting older and my hair isn't as thick on my sides as I would like it. I also inherited what my grandmother would call "cow licks". This is where the front edges of the hair would be growing in slightly behind the hair line. Looked like Z formation to me but in any case if you experience any hair battle and need to wear head gear that is fashionable and you can get it a low price. Try my wide wraps. You will only need one. It is machine washable and long enough to be a different wrap each time you wear it. My slide show of the stylish ways to tie it will be coming soon. Still haven't found a trustworthy web designer. Oh well as long as you can read it and you purchase a head wrap. I guess I am doing alright.

Simple Instruction

Find a wrap you like
Fill out the contact me form
Comment on which color fits you free shipping to you

Wide Wrap Label

Posted on January 25, 2016 at 11:52 PM Comments comments (16)
Write Wraps 
Handmade 3-5 inch long 
Cotton fabric wash with like colors.
3 inch wraps $8.00
5 inch wraps $12.00

My idea to create the wide wrap comes from the simple truth. There are not any of its kind.  The length and versitility of the wrap assist women and men with a lot of hair. Helps to hold the hair up and in place. The colors came from my closet. I purchased material to match my work clothes. 

This business venture hasn't come full circle which would be when the cost of production has been doubled by sakes. 

I have one order for 10 large wraps
Another or for 3 small wraps
I'm super excited I received these orders by promoting my product. I wear the wraps.

I look forward to completing your order as well. Leave me a message, I'll get your order as quickly as possible. 

Production could take up to two business days. Shipping charges will be paid by the customer. Wide Wraps are also lightweight. Shipping charges should range from an additional three  dollars. 

Thank you for your support 
Well be wrapping soon about your purchase 

Wide Wraps

Posted on January 25, 2016 at 11:34 PM Comments comments (2)

Update January 25, 2016

Posted on January 25, 2016 at 11:27 PM Comments comments (3)
It has been a little while since I've updated what's new and exciting. 
I do have a few fires in the oven burning for myself. I'm very excited I've been writing more, I have submitted stories to a few magazines on various topics. Telling it like I see it. Getting my feet in the ground to exploring the many facets of Maria. Starting my passion for writing has been amazing. So many people will get to enjoy my work.  Learning as I go gathering education and information from the various reslures available to beginning writers. So many sites willing to pay writers for stories their readers enjoy. I'm learning to describe characters in detail from the soft brown hair on a handsome strangers head, to the curves of his collar bones that reveals his chest rippled chest with lead to his abs that peek through his shirt as it had been painted on him. 

This is an excerpt from a story I've written about a man that caught my eye. He has no idea the thousands of thoughts that occur in my mind when I have the pleasure of just a glance of him. 
My writing along with my line of scarves which I will market as Wide Wraps are works in progress. 

This is a journey you will want to take with me. There never a dull moment at this time in my life. I'm enjoying the feeling of accomplishment and my motivation for Success. Feels good