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Veterans were black men too stop killing their families

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 12:16 AM Comments comments ()
I am so saddened by the continuous loss of life in this country.
Laws are not being enforced which is probably making the rest of the world feel the US is vulnerable to all the extra attacks on US Soil. My theory of the constant media reports of the wars all over the world is to hide the fact that the war is right here in the US. Why on earth would you continue to take tax payer money to control wars that are not down the street from you. Our taxes are not going away any time soon. I feel the threat against Americans is other Americans at this point. Why else would politicians continue to poor trillions of money into fighting a war that has nothing to do with the people they want to fund it. Well at the rate they are killing American Veterans Children in the US the military will be the next to take a knee when the national anthem is playing. Killing innocent people is not what our soldiers go to war for. Our military is to protect our country and make sure that there is no threat to the American people for outside forces. The threat to American people is in America it's a sad day when people from other countries are using the way the racist police and the way the politicians are turning their back on the way police are treating innocent people. The people the police are killing are not even wanted or criminals. The news is making up stories to hide the murders relaying their truth to the world that is nieve enough to listen to the lies. Everything the US does others see as an important part of growth and future. We have racist being given a silver spoon for the killings in the US. Laws are being broken and the world is watching. While the media covers the senseless killings and mass murder of black innocent men women and children the US is becoming more and more less attractive for what value was created when the laws were made. Countries fashion laws on the way the US runs. Now you have the worst racism since slavery, NO one benefit from this type of behavior, law breaking white police that wear the badge and kill people they are letting the rest of the world know there is no control. My theory we are setting the US up for a take over by a much more unified law. The laws should be enforced for everyone that breaks them. The law states that even murder by a cop is punishable but the judges are allowing the murderer to walk away and even sending them on with pay. IF a cop sees this behavior they are just going to do the same thing because they believe they will receive a payment for killing innocent people. NO one wants to go to work everyday. but think about the police would you want to stay in the job or find a way out and get paid more than your pension to leave the job? We all know that everything is about money. Find the money and make it stop the killing will stop. For all those people that say black people are over reacting. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine your child being killed, imagine your husband not coming home, imagine living life  without the person you love. These are not accidents they are killing these people on purpose. If you know someone that makes an excuse for why the police are killing these people you are a part of the racist problem. May God have mercy on your souls.