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Cautious or Rude

Posted on August 19, 2018 at 12:59 PM Comments comments (9)

How to recognize kindness and not fall victim to a predator. 

With out society in such upheaval regarding the inhumane treatment of the human race it is becoming ridiculously hard to stop and be neighborly with people. 
  Walmart encounter
 Saturdays are the errand days of my week. Unless there is a scheduled appointment or an emergency, week days are for work and car pool. Stopping into the grocery store more than twice a week adds additional chores to my schedule. This is something I've enjoyed for decades, it's my way of getting in and getting out. Crowds, long lines, and caos are avoided at every cost in my home. Schedules and list provide sanity and the feeling of accomplishment. 
 Saturday August 18, 2018 started pretty well, no rush to get out the door getting prepared for laundry, meal prep and groceries. This Saturday is overcast with a Texas chance of rain. This is nothing to worry about, Texas rain comes in 15 to 20 minute drops. The last time it rained consecutively for more than 45 minutes had to be a week day. Week days inside the office when it rains is not as memorable as Saturday rain' not for me it isn't, it may be for others. 

The car is packed with my to do list, I head out to complete each task. I didn't get out of the driveway good before the rain started. Proceeding to the laundry mat the rain gets harder, the skies turn black but it's only 4 pm! Laundry complete headed to the grocery store as it gets darker and darker outside. Wow everyone is standing outside of Walmart looking at the sky. Some shoppers are actually capturing it on their phones. I waited inside the car for a while to see if it was going to let up. I could barely see the car next to me it was coming down so hard. While parked I begin to look for the umbrella I find it lodged between the back seat and the trunk. I can't remove it from the front seat and I would need to get out, stand in the rain; while tying to dislodge it from the space it is stuck in. No way! I grab a blanket and wrap my 10 month olds head up while she is harnessed to my chest. We get out and run to the door. She's upset that her head is covered and starts fighting to get it off as I run through puddles of water to get to the over crowded door of the store. 

I finished my list and it's still pouring down rain outside, I'm not going back out there yet! I find a couple of plastic bags and some napkins in the meat isle. Dry my feet then put them in the plastic bags before putting my shoes back on. They were soaked and squeaking. At this point I'm just perusing each isle while planning on what can be stored and what can be thrown out at home. 
 The cart is filled to the top so now to the check out hopefully the rain will break so that I can get to the car and unload before it begins again. Packing the cart getting ready for the trip to the car. 
As I stand ready to pay a shopper stops and asked if I needed any help to the car. I reply no I' m fine I can handle it. She reply's I was helping people get to their cars that didn't have an umbrella. I was walking by and said I wanna help this lady because she has a baby with her. 
    She waited beside me and started giving me the plan on how to get to my car and how she was going to help me. At this point my 10 month old grand child is in the cart seated and strapped in with the carts safety belt. She has a cracker and is watching the interaction between the shopper and myself. As I put the last few items in the cart, grab my purse and begin to walk out of the store. She says here you can hold the umbrella over her head and I will push the cart to your car for you. I can unload your groceries while you get the baby in the car. 
   I'm cautiously stating to the shopper that she does not have to do that. I can manage to get to the car on my own. I grabbed the blanket that I had wrapped on the babies head when we entered and told her I will put the blanket back over her and we will be fine. I removed my grand baby from the cart and turn her around to place here back in the harness. My 10 month old is the cutest baby in the world, people see her from miles away, run over to her and start a conversation with me. While this is very sweet and flattering, she is not the friendliest of babies when it comes to strangers moving in to close at the wrong time for her. She takes one look at the kind stranger and starts to scream! At this point the shopper starts to try and comfort her, I told the shopper that she doesn't know her  and she was making her nervous. I hurry to get her strapped and grab my keys. I except the shoppers umbrella and proceed to my vehicle. As we arrive I hand it to her, she says I will put your groceries in for you and you can put the baby in the car. 
   I get my granddaughter in the car and hurry to the back to finish the loading of the groceries. The shopper has placed everything in the trunk and closes the trunk. I told her thank you so much and I really appreciate your help. She told me that she saw me and wanted to help me because I had a baby and I did not have my umbrella. She told me I was welcome and that she was going to take the cart to the cart return for me. I thanked her for that also, we both went our separate ways..

Being Cautious or being rude

Caring for a small child it is my nature to make sure that I protect her at all cost. There are some very good people in the world which was proven by the shopper whose heart was so full that she helped a stranger.  I also enjoy helping others when I can, it makes you feel really good. No matter how big or how small, lending a hand to lift someone up does the mind and the body good. My reluctance to accept the shoppers help in todays society where children are being abducted and sold into child pornography or being stolen and sold to people that have not been able to have their own children will always out weigh immediate acceptance of kindness from strangers. I'm being cautious not rude, if you approach people and they don't know you don't take it personal if they refuse your kindness. Be kind and walk away with knowing you offered kindness. 

Christmas with my grandbabies Winter break 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (5)
8, 5, and 21 months. Our time together is so precious to me. I want to make sure they are learning things on each of their age groups. I try to make sure that the time we spend together has significant meaning and we make a new memory each day. I love them so very much

Christmas with my Grandbabies Winter Break

Posted on December 30, 2016 at 4:03 PM Comments comments (15)
I'm a mother of two sons Only one of my sons has children. He is 31 years old his children are ages 8 yrs female, 5 years female and Male 21 months old. I love my sons and my grandchildren are an adventure every moment I spend with them.
    They were here for their winter break to visit with me. Let's just say in two weeks you get to know a lot about a child and how they influence the behavior of children around them. Spring Break 2016 we shared a wonderful week together June family reunion we had a weekend of fun. Winter break would be the longest we shared each other's company since my grandson was born. Believe me, you must prepare individual events for each child in each age group. You will not survive gran parent duties is you don't have an itinerary of events, scheduled meals and snacks. Make an alternate schedule for cold and flu season and just in case our little cousin who is 7 year old female decides to come and spend the night.
     Planning for the grandkids trip to visit included finding some educational places open during the winter break. Aquariums, museums and child age friendly entertainment. Also the family time we would spend with our aunts, uncles and cousins. Winter break is Christmas break. Food preparation and gifts under the tree. When packing for children especially three children you should layer the outfits. This will help you just in case you live in Texas. This has to be the hottest December I have witnessed in a very long time. One day it's a bitter cold where you would like to bundle the children up to keep them from catching colds and flu. The next it's so hot outside you need to turn on the air conditioning to keep them all comfortable.
    My grandkids are just like me and have some air born allergies that do not like the weather to change drastically. Goodness gracias the little cousin that came to visit had been sick with cold and flu symptoms prior to her visit. Made it very interesting but it didn't slow them down for one minute.
Indoor time is fun but very loud.


Veterans were black men too stop killing their families

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 12:16 AM Comments comments (5)
I am so saddened by the continuous loss of life in this country.
Laws are not being enforced which is probably making the rest of the world feel the US is vulnerable to all the extra attacks on US Soil. My theory of the constant media reports of the wars all over the world is to hide the fact that the war is right here in the US. Why on earth would you continue to take tax payer money to control wars that are not down the street from you. Our taxes are not going away any time soon. I feel the threat against Americans is other Americans at this point. Why else would politicians continue to poor trillions of money into fighting a war that has nothing to do with the people they want to fund it. Well at the rate they are killing American Veterans Children in the US the military will be the next to take a knee when the national anthem is playing. Killing innocent people is not what our soldiers go to war for. Our military is to protect our country and make sure that there is no threat to the American people for outside forces. The threat to American people is in America it's a sad day when people from other countries are using the way the racist police and the way the politicians are turning their back on the way police are treating innocent people. The people the police are killing are not even wanted or criminals. The news is making up stories to hide the murders relaying their truth to the world that is nieve enough to listen to the lies. Everything the US does others see as an important part of growth and future. We have racist being given a silver spoon for the killings in the US. Laws are being broken and the world is watching. While the media covers the senseless killings and mass murder of black innocent men women and children the US is becoming more and more less attractive for what value was created when the laws were made. Countries fashion laws on the way the US runs. Now you have the worst racism since slavery, NO one benefit from this type of behavior, law breaking white police that wear the badge and kill people they are letting the rest of the world know there is no control. My theory we are setting the US up for a take over by a much more unified law. The laws should be enforced for everyone that breaks them. The law states that even murder by a cop is punishable but the judges are allowing the murderer to walk away and even sending them on with pay. IF a cop sees this behavior they are just going to do the same thing because they believe they will receive a payment for killing innocent people. NO one wants to go to work everyday. but think about the police would you want to stay in the job or find a way out and get paid more than your pension to leave the job? We all know that everything is about money. Find the money and make it stop the killing will stop. For all those people that say black people are over reacting. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine your child being killed, imagine your husband not coming home, imagine living life  without the person you love. These are not accidents they are killing these people on purpose. If you know someone that makes an excuse for why the police are killing these people you are a part of the racist problem. May God have mercy on your souls.


Posted on July 8, 2016 at 3:17 PM Comments comments (4)

I just submitted some information for corrections. I know I got it right this time.
Even if I didn't this experience is teaching me so much. I am so thankful to God for showing me that I am a talented woman and I should be following his will for me and stop listening to those who put me down, make me feel like I can't achieve success, and for those who are in my life for a reason I love you all. Those in my life for a season peace be with you all. YES! I am ignoring you on purpose.

LOL!!! Leave me to my blessing God got me

Peace and happiness

Posted on July 7, 2016 at 4:52 PM Comments comments (2)
My life is filled with simplicity

I strive to find the smartest way to complete a task
If it appears to involve some level of difficulty
Read directions, find the tools needed for completion.

Search for the answers before panic sets in
Never leave a task unfinished

Surround yourself with positivity
Laugh out loud
Love with all your heart
realize when it is time to move on

I unfriend you

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (4)
If faced with a decision to continue a relationship with a friend's spouse boyfriend or someone not married to your friend or best friend what would you do?

My friend who will remain nameless in this story and so will the man that I will be referring to. A 38 year old single mother of one. Daughter 18 freshman college. I've known her for 14 years. I met her at my first job at the State of Texas. I've watched her take care of her daughter, send her some of the best schools in Austin, Texas. Also, watch her daughter excel academically and become excepted into summer programs that included trips to NASA in Houston, Texas. She held her position and later transferred within the State to a better position that would allow her daughter access to higher learning facilities and a greater income.

As a mother and successful business women she also travels to be closer to her mother, younger sibling, niece, aunts and uncles who are entrepreneurs hours away from Austin, Texas. This family is filled with love and support.

She is also in a relationship with a man that she loves and cares for. He is not a bad guy, he has been there through good times and some bad times. He has shared in some household responsibilities. Not like hers. She pays rent, he pays water. She works non stop, he has gaps in employment. He does have a degree but has reservations about the field. I've listened to the stories and I know he has done things outside the relationship that hurt her' I know he is not and he will never be man enough for my friend.  She has always made everything happen without his help.

I am unfriending this man for asking my friend to add him to her bank account and  after 16 years he couldn't add her to his last name. If your her friend and you are reading this the unfriending should be done simultaneously MIND SLAP

It's ok if they don't like you like you like them

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (4)
What is the deal with women/men that don’t realize he/she isn’t that in to you.
Single women, married women, single men, married men, gay or lesbian, young or old stop torturing yourself with the thought that being unhappy is normal. If your feeling anxious and asking a lot of questions to your friends about your relationship there may be a problem.
Single Women
     If your in your very first relationship and your over the age of 25 you may need additional help but not the kind of help that requires you to ask each step of the new relationship. If your asking your friends opinions on how much of yourself to give to a person then maybe you should take more time out for yourself and find out what it is your are looking for. If you want a relationship let the other person know that is where you are and see if that is the person for you Leaving to many things unspoken will lead to a very bad relationship. You can’t be in a relationship if you don’t communicate what you want and ask the other person what it is they want as well.
Married Women
     If your husband isn’t spending time with your any more he is forgetting your birthday, your anniversary, and is away on business for all the important holidays you may need to seriously think about why it is that you are married to that particular person. Married men and married women get married to build a life together, this does not include all his buddies from college every weekend, or all your girlfriends everyday on the phone or out eating. If your marriage consists of more than just two people besides your children if you have any you may want to sit down and think about what it is your trying to build together. If your still acting single after you have said I do then there is a big problem with you.
     If you are a gay man and you want to date a man that is not sure if he is gay or not then you might just want to consider offering that person your friendship. This will not be a good fit for you. You will get hurt and end up loosing someone that could potentially become a great friend and wing man when you finally meet the person you are suppose to be dating. If it doesn’t feel right then have the courage and the strength to walk away without doubting if this could have been the one. If that person was the one you both would have known it.
     If you are trying to find love in a another woman, find one that is at least a step above any thing that you are doing at this moment. It doesn’t matter how rich you are how great of a job you have right now, make sure if you are looking for love in a woman that she is someone that you know you can learn something from. Women are the most intriguing creatures on this earth. You should always want to be in the company of a woman that can inspire you to be better than what you are. This will only happen if you stop trying to find the woman that you think needs saving. Everybody knows a woman only needs a savior for a short time and then she gets bored and saves herself, gets an attitude, throws your life in your face, drives off in a better car, lives in a better house and wonders why she ever spoke to you while she is moving on and forgetting you ever existed. Please choose up the fall want hurt as bad nothing compares to a woman.
Try not to force yourself into any situation, if it takes you to much time and effort to get that special person’s attention it may not be worth getting. People that are single and looking will give off some signs if given the opportunity. If you have a crush on someone and that person has not reciprocated the same feelings to you this could mean that this person is just not that in to you. It happens crush on his hot friend never hurts to expand your horizon’s never know what could happen. If there is a physical attraction there will be an opportunity for you and this person to share a moment don’t miss your moment especially if you have been dreaming of this person and wondering would it would be like to find out more about them. Sometimes you could just have a crush on someone that is just not compatible for you and your paths just should not cross so you should just leave it up to fate, kismet, serendipity, cupid, or one of your friends shoving you into them in the elevator.