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Child Protective Services

Posted on January 12, 2015 at 8:09 PM Comments comments ()

Designed to intervene when families are facing difficult times. Difficulty could be in the form of teen pregnancy, domestic violence, abuse and this list goes on.

What other uses would you think CPS could help you with or someone you know? There are community resources for women, men, children, elderly, and immigrants. If your facing legal battles within any state that pertain to children and families. You may have some interest in ways to help protect you and your family.

With over ten years of service to CPS my experiences have helped many families find available tools to aid them in their continued family growth.

I've worked with families that needed advice on community resources that they felt they were not eligible for. Other's that had the information but didn't know where or how to get the help they needed.

I've also worked with families that have three or more generations that have had their children removed from the home by law enforcement and were permanently placed into the foster care system.

I've also worked with families that have gotten their children returned to them upon completion of a court ordered family plan.

I've worked with doctors, lawyers, judges, psychiatrist, therapist, school counselors, principals, deans and this list goes on. Each scenario has a different set of professionals.

My encounters with clients, staff and professionals was greeted with professionalism and the ability to complete each task. Each task was followed by written notes detailing the aspects of the case. Followed by recommendation and resources if needed.